Sailor in the Sand
This blog was created as an outlet to help me through my first deployment. I'm here to share and to learn. This is all about love, faith, commitment and strength.
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ktiamtisak asked: Eli and B, how did you two meet? And B, how did you get Eli to fall for you? Not military related, but I'm curious to how milsos meet their SOs. Lol, creepy, I know.



B: We met at work.  I can only describe how I got her to fall for me with one word: Determination!  I got to know her as a friend at first and I realized right away that she was truly special.  But one thing I noticed she lacked with that she was never appreciated for the beautiful woman she is!  She was the most loving, fun. sexy lady I had ever met.  No man that she had ever been with ever saw her in that way.  So I brought my “A” game and showed her how a man is supposed to treat a lady.  My father did a great job by teaching me how to treat a woman by the way I saw him treat my mother.  I try to be a gentleman when i am with her.  I show her respect and I show her the attention that every woman needs from their man.  I am not perfect but I try really hard to make up from my mistakes and learn not to do them again.  I love her more than words can ever explain.  She is my partner, my soulmate, my best friend, MY TRUE LOVE!    

E: We met at work. Amidst a time in our lives when we were going through so much because of our ex-s and the hell they put us through. I wasnt looking for anything, neither was he. We’ve talked about the paths and the course of life that brought us to the day we met. We interviewed within weeks of each other. We both were not going to take the job. Our boss pursued both of us to take the job. We did. He ignored me for 3 months. I thought he was conceited and hated me. Little did I know that he was trying to feel me out and make sure he didnt mess things up because he liked me. I have never felt this kind of connection, such an instant chemistry with anyone. Everyone around us saw it. You cant deny it. Its like trying to say the sun wasnt shining at noon on a hot July day. You can feel that kind of passion. It was quick. I fell in love with him because it was like my soul knew him since the day it was made. We continue to grow and mature. Do we fight? Hell yes! But, everything we go through makes us better. It is how we handle the challenges that life gives us, is what defines us and improves us. Or else it makes you bitter. Dont let it. Seek out your happiness, dont settle for anything less!


My Sailor, back in the day …. Memories. Life is life in the Navy.

The USS Robert G. Bradley was decommissioned today March 28, 2014. B served on this ship. Ironically upon researching it, the ship was made on December 28, 1982, which my birthday falls on Dec. 28. I think it means something cute lol. It has been a great night talking about awesome navy stories…. :-)

Love my sailor

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