Sailor in the Sand
This blog was created as an outlet to help me through my first deployment. I'm here to share and to learn. This is all about love, faith, commitment and strength.
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Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.

Joce!!!! <3

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For the OD: what makes me feel beautiful is spending a lot of time doing my make-up, doing my hair, listening to music, sippin’ on a drink getting ready for date night. Then coming out and have B look at me, take a step back and flash me that million dollar smile of his and tell me he’s gonna have the most beautiful girl there. Love that boy!

Yay for date night!!!!!❤️💙


Dixie Chicks-Traveling Soldier

No matter what, no matter where, I’m gonna stop what I’m doing, and tear up about this song.

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